Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Tips for Safe Sex relations with Other Women

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Avoid Bubble Baths, Scented Soaps, and Shower Gels Overuse

Perfumed products tend to cause genital soreness and irritation. This exposes you to STIs and yeast infections. Therefore, avoid them when having sex with other women. Even better, go for scentless products only.

Use Non-Porous Protection

Dental dams and condoms provide a barrier that prevents transmission of diseases or infections. Since these are thin products, using them should not be unpleasant especially for partners that get creative in holding them in place.

Dental dams are made of polyurethane or latex. They have a square shape and you lay them on genitals. Some people use condoms to make them by simply cutting them lengthwise. You can also use latex gloves on your hands.

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